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We are a new start up WISP. I have been researching Management software solutions. I am interested in finding a solution for billing, scheduling, ticketing, and monitoring, Any suggestions or recommendations? I can set up a system manually but like the features of some of the systems out already. Most will fit our needs with the exception of the authentication and provisioning features which as I understand it, Mimosa will need to supply the firmware.


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We have been researching this for awhile and are now ready to move forward before our impending launch Feb. 1. The choice for us looks like Sonar. It gives us all of the must have items we need and also has really good integration with the MikroTik routers we are using. Also, the startup cost is attractive.

Thank you for your input. What have you been using to date for customer tracking and billing? I meant to mention which one we had researched. How long have you been up and running? We are in our second month and I want to get ahead of the game. Have you checked out Wispmon? Integration is not free but I am impressed with the viewshed, LOS and the sales tracking.

We are just getting ready to launch 7 APs in our market. This is a brand new system. Our area has over 10,000 homes that we will eventually cover over the next year and a half. So we are much in the same mindset as you are since we want a system that will scale and work for us in the longer term. I can tell you that changing systems and doing the conversion is a HUGE deal, so choose carefully.

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Hi Carol,
you can try our software, designed specifically for WISP.
Check our presentation:


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I have to say that Sonar is a good choice. I looked at them in depth over WISPA. If they stay in business and keep going down the path they started they will be a large player in the WISP billing arena for sure. We currently use Powercode. Mostly due to the BMU integration. I find less bugs and less issues when the provisioning is with the same company. I have been in the WISP business for 18 years now, started with Emerald, migrated to a few knock off companies even went with freebill and Billmax. I have to say Powercode has been the best thus far and the most trouble free. My billing staff loves there support and responsiveness to any issue. They seem to be ready and willing to help at the drop of a hat. Integration is pretty good too for VOIP (and can be ported for IPTV).


Hi all,
I’ve compared the 3 suggested solutions for a wisp with 1,000 subscribers:

Powercode: total cost 1,330.00/month **Sonar**: total cost 1,250.00/month
Webilly PRO: total cost ** 298.00**/month **Webilly** PREMIUM: total cost 398.00/month


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I’m just launching a 29 location fiber WAN with between 1 and 5 Gb at each site that smartly routes traffic to one of three internet egress points. I’m on powercode and was planning to put in a virtual Procera at each egress point which constantly replicates with the rest. So if an egress point goes down, traffic is routed to the next closest egress and can still be authenticated and blocked.
But Powercode seems to be having some problems. They’ve been working a year to get their virtualized procera running and 4 months ago I was told 3 weeks. Still not up. Now I’m finding they want $10k for the “hardware” which has to be a special dell machine. Meanwhile, Sonar appears to already have this worked out and has a cloud-based virtual aitting at 70 cents per user. So I’m seriously considering a change before I really get rolling. So it’s interesting to see someone in the business this long that is also planning to make that change.

The big question I have is with the mimosa equipment. I’m told that it isn’t Powercode integrated yet and they are still months away from that. I’ve been starting with UBNT but really want to change to mimosa but so far I don’t see that the mimosa stuff can be entirely and properly managed through powercode or through sonar for that matter. It’s something to do with the firmware.

So the question is - how are you using powercode with mimosa? What benefits are missing that you would have with something already integrated with Powercode like UBNT or Cambium? Are you able to get the full mesh effect with powercode running behind it?

Our overall business plan should see roughly 10,000 subscribers at which point we’ll be expanding until we can’t expand any more. And we’re offering both dedicated and shared internet as well as voice and some server options for remote backup or cloud-services.
I really need “reliable” and “simple” for provisioning and troubleshooting. So I’m really curious about almost everything you’re doing. :slight_smile: I’ll even pay you for consulting if you want to assist.

we’ve been using Azotel’s SIMPLer platform for 6 years now. Great product and great support:


@Timothys, @Kevin6

I am following your discussion about Powercode vs Sonar. Any responses to about running Powercode and Sonar with Mimosa equipment?


What did you decide about finding a solution for the billing, scheduling, etc software.

I too am looking to setup a WISP and would appreciate hearing your experiences.

Thank you


I see that Wispmon has acquired by Sonar.

I just wanted you all to know that I went with VISP and it works like a charm. I learned along the way while evaluating different systems that VISP is the only system that isn’t owned by a WISP. They are independent. So with the others, especially powercode, if the owners of the WISP need something, it takes precedence over other things. With VISP they will actually take a request for a new feature and if there are more than a couple, add it to a “beta” and lrt you and some others test it out. Meanwhile the same may be going on with another feature for someone else. Then the next version will include them if all works out.

My only complaint is the lack of a dashboard like on Powercode. I really liked that although it was frequently giving me bad information, would report broken links as still broken after they were fixed, and other such things that I think have been corrected but took a long time for them to even acknowledge was a problem. Their inventory system was also severely messed up at the time which may have changed as well.

Forunately, in a few months a web version (instead of java) of the VISP platform will be rolling out complete with a similar dashboard. So I plan on sticking with them or the simple fact that issues I have aren’t put on the back burner because they don’t have an owner that also operates a WISP and puts their own stuff first.

They have a website ?

We have migrated from Powercode to Sonar. We have our own custom dashboards that we use for Ubiquiti, Cambium, Telrad, Ubiquiti and Mikrotik all which have minute by minute collection intervals with custom reports and alerts to better optimize our network.

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