Junk and Faulty B5C radio

i bought 4 pcs B5C and 2 pcs of it faulty and confirmed by eurodk.

stop selling junk B5C because at end of the day we ( your customer will suffer) , we shoulder shipping cost back eurodk and shipping cost is not cheap from Philippines to lativia.

i wont deploy any B5C link anymore because of your neglegent in QA.

I’m a user of B5c also but mines are fine, sorry to hear that but it’s the only ready that gives me performance am seeking for my money and I have tried other companies before

Ya, sorry to hear.

We have a couple of Mimosa B5c radios and they have been great to us.

We have 3 b5c links in production - they push data good for us 24/7/365. Sorry for your luck but don’t think that’s the normal experience, I sleep good at night with them on our towers.

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can totally agree…what firmware are you on thou?

its brand new b5c 4 pcs and 2 pcs is junk or faulty. i have friend who buy 1 pcs b5c and its junk and faulty again. they will RMA it.

if i setup another b5c link i need also to invest in shipping back to eurodk.

this my thread and junk b5c.

not to.mention…shipping cost from my location to eurosldk is almost 1 pcs of A5X.

i want to invest.my hard earn money to something usefull not for sending b5c back eurodk.