Larger dishes for B11?

A while back, we were told that Radio Waves was going to be bringing out some larger dishes for the B11 radios. That would be the 6 and 8 foot diameter versions. I had contacted Radio Waves, and they gave me the impression that would be forthcoming.

SO, we licensed our link with a Radio Waves 8 foot dish on one end.

I have contacted them regarding getting a quote on the cost of the dish…Now. “Crickets”, from them, and a resales rep of theirs?

Are we now stuck with 4 foot dishes as the max? Having to now “Modify” our license back to a 4 foot dish?

Or is someone else going to step up to the plate here and offer larger dishes?

(Mimosa definitely needs the larger dish option for the B11 series to compete in this market)
Not to mention that the Jirous dishes are OK, but in some locations you need heavier duty dishes!

Do you need someone at Radiowave to contact you let me know we use lots of there hardware with Dragonwave gear

Radio Waves does not seem to want to reply to me on the larger dishes, we need an 8 foot version!

Have Caylee from Mimosa working on it!