Latency issues when on 1x80 but better on 2x40?

Had everything set to auto and 2ms latency, and for some reason we noticed we were getting timeouts every once and a while, and every 10-15 pings a jump from 5ms to 15ms, and the occassional jump to 150ms… i swapped to manual mode, and set the radio to 2x40 and used the same block from the 1x80 as it was clear on spectrum… i’ve been pinging for a good 5 minutes and haven’t seen a ping over 6ms… Whats going on???

Saturation on this link is very low maybe 60mb in use out of a tested 600mbit on link test throughput…

I must admit while looking typing this i’m still seeing the 14-20ms pings every once in a while for some reason…

Channel looks very clean RPL is -27.3 on all streams,is the RPL too high? SNR 59.1, noise of -86.1 TX PER of 0.5 Is the autopower too high, should i reduce the manual power lower? its a pretty short link.

Hi Chris,

Moving from 1x80 to 2x40 removes the 3 dB beam forming advantage available on single channels. More about this can be found here:

The lower gain when using two channels can benefit a short link. This is because the receivers saturate if the Rx signal strength is very high (-27.3 would qualify).

Yes, we recommend reducing Tx power such that the SNR per chain (Dashboard > MIMO Status) is 30 dB, or slightly above, to facilitate modulation at MCS 9:

We are happy to help review specific details of your link offline. Please visit us on chat for the fastest response:

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