Leaking B5c , (I am adding this text to make the topic longer!)

I have a B5c that has filled with water and no longer links over ethernet.

This unit is out of warranty, I know in the past you have replaced units that leaked out side of the warranty are you still offering this


I had the same issue. Birds pulled out the orange gasket. It was out of warranty and was told so sad too bad (not in those words). I was took it apart and dried it. It now works. I plan on testing it in a lab situation to see if it holds. Any new b5c’s I put out in the field will have 3" electrical tape around the orange gasket.

I had one a year or so back that was pulled out in a storm and Mimosa replaced it. Boy I sure hope they do not say “to bad”… I will be quoting a 4.9 network that was spec out to use Mimosa and well lets just say I will inform the customer of how this issue goes.

This is a known problem last April I had one that the gasket pulled out and it filled with water. I ended up robbing the cover off of it to put on another unit one my tower guys damaged and Mimosa still swapped that water damaged unit out for me.

I have been a big supporter of Mimosa and talked several industrial and public safety operators into using their products, i have plenty of units that have failed that I have not asked to be replaced because their was an apparent environmental condition that caused the failure. I can even provide photos of the units I have that have failed as I still have them, I keep them around in case I need parts as Mimosa does not sale replacement parts.

I hope @Chris can take care of this as this issue was supposed to be resolved with a new gasket design. You can clearly see the water damage in the Ethernet port and I mean water don’t run up hill!

Lets look at the facts. As a operator we have purchased 19 B5c units for our network. 12 are in use currently. Two died in a direct lightening strike but so did every thing else! Two units died in a near strike, I had a third Mimosa on this tower at this time that did not die! When I went out to inspect the site I found that the person that installed the two that died did not install them properly! Well that was our fault! I have had two die of water intrusion and the first one was replaced no questions asked! The second is still in motion. So we have realized a 10.53% failure due to leaking in the B5c units that we have purchased for our network.