Let's imbrove this 31 km link

hello there what can i do to improve this link?

by the way I can’t change the channel
why my stream running on mcs 7 not 8?
what would i do to make the link carry more bandwidth?
these screen shots are from memisa design tool

If you have used the same antennas in the link planner and the actual radios it looks like you should have +10 dB you can gain from aligning the radios.

i have the same antennas both of them are jirous 1200mm

Well Mimosa link planner says you should have a lot better signal then you do.

You might have something obstructing your link, the Mimosa link planner only accounts for the dirt, not trees and buildings. With how low your link is to the ground at several locations that could be an issue.

I would start with alignment and link obstructions and see if you can improve things, having less signal to work with will mean that your radios have less Signal to Noise ratio which means that they will have to use lower MCS rates to pass traffic.

Here are some manual pages you might find useful:


I can’t read screen shots very well but at that distance, you need to be using 4ft or larger antennas. You can do 11GHz at those distances with much larger antennas. At that distance, I would evaluate a 6GHz path.

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I’m using jirous 1200mm dishes

For those of us who use “Freedom Units” (also known as imperial) 1200 mm is just under 4 feet.

I think your antenna size is just fine, though I do agree with @Charles-KF4MNE, 11 GHz isn’t really the optimal frequency for such links, but it’s what you have so let’s try to optimize it a bit.

I duplicated your link in Mimosa’s design tool as well as in Ubiquiti’s Link Design tool. You are definitely too close to the ground for my comfort, especially since you are shooting over a river a couple times. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have issues with thermal inversion on this link, though, I don’t know weather conditions of your area very well.

My earlier thought that your link looks misaligned seems confirmed. I wouldn’t be happy with the alignment of this link until I got it below -45 dB RSSI, supposedly you should be able to get -40 dB.

Personally, I would recommend getting the side of the link at 35.510966, 43.228014 a bit higher, it will help to avoid obstructions getting in the way of the link that these link planners don’t account for. (Buildings, Trees, stuff)

this side of the link was on 30 m tower but i had very issuse with noise and wind so now it is on 15 m above the ground

yeah so i contacted support and now my link runs in full capacity 1733/1733111
and they where very nice

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What changes did they make?