Lightning NID for B11

Anybody seen NID location for B11? UP of Down the tower??

Dunno what exactly you mean by “seen NID Location” but I am assuming “where do people normally put their Lightning dealieos”

We put ours on the bottom of the tower, right next to our grounding strip. We used the Mimosa branded ones on our latest tower, but previously we have used Transector branded Lightning dealieos.

If I am incorrect in my assumption, please correct me and I will try to be more helpful.

I agree with William in assuming you mean “where do you install the Mimosa NID?” You should install the NID at the bottom of the tower for easy access and short ground run. Ultimately you can put it anywhere you want, but it’s best to be outdoors somewhere and not inside the building (unless you have a sophisticated grounding system inside your tower building.