Lightning protection between POE and the Radio

One thing that I would like to see is some sort of Lightning protection we can put between the POE device and the radio. It worries me a bit that a direct strike could potentially find its way into our core switch at the site. If you don’t market your own, it would be nice to have a list of recommended (tested) working POE lightning protection, gig rated that doesn’t negatively effect throughput

We did not like the idea of letting the radio shunt the brunt, so we went ahead and put Gige lightening arrestors in anyway. Initially we had some port flapping but that went away on its on. We have 4 B11 links.

Don’t buy the Ubiquiti lightning arrestors, we put in several at our radio sites, and have had to pull them ALL out due to “Intermittants” in the ethernet connector jacks. Tried all ways of cleaning the contacts, with NO luck! It takes 3-4 tries to get a good cable test from our Netonix switch. Then after we had it working, it went intermittent that night, and took down the system. 2 hour drive to bypass the arrestor!

I have been trying to get in a Mimosa “HID” Lightning arrestor in to test it (streakwave is out of stock).