List of devices' frequencies

We are looking for a way to list the frequencies that all of our B5 and B5c units are operating on. We were looking on the Mimosa Network Management pages and don’t see anywhere that the frequency information is listed. Certainly not in a table form that could be sorted, etc.

We are trying to find the source of a signal observed in the B5’s spectrum analyzer function and am hoping that we can list all of our Mimosa devices’ frequencies so that we can see if it is one of ours.



The way we do it we monitor all devices and poll center frequency from SNMP. That way we can list all our B5/B5c and A5/A5c frequencies currently in use.

OIDs for A5/A5c.

OID for B5/B5c
Radio 1 - .
Radio 2 - .

Hi Morris:

Thank you for the info. What program do you use to monitor and query devices?

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We are using Op5. Nagios based network monitor system.

Over a year ago I asked for an option of to have recognizable SSID’s mentioned in the spectral scan.
This should be a relative easy software code (The spectral scan shows signals, also Wifi, where the ‘scan’ shows SSID’s. A simple screen overlay could already do it) and was cheered at to some helpdesk member of Mimosa…

You don’t only want to know your own networks, many WISP’s or Wifi operators are working in a spectrum ful of competitor’s radio’s. Would be nice to know which one belongs to what singal peak in the spectral scan…

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Hi all,

I would also like something just like this. I’ve passed this along to our Product team. Hopefully we can make it happen!