Local Analyzer A problem in

good greeting
To respected staff, I have a problem with Spectrum Analyzer.
I cannot choose the correct channel in the transmitter either as the receiving device
The analysis is very normal … note
Updated the latest version and did not work …
You are very kind and cordial

What channel are you trying to use?

Where are you located?

Dear William 5 esteemed
I’m from Iraq
I cannot select the noise-free channel
Because mimosa reading is inaccurate at this time.
Thanks for your ban…

So, what channel are you trying to use?

I don’t think I have tried to ban you, I think you have an honest question and I would like to help if I can.

good greeting
Sorry, I did not mean that you made a block …
I meant to thank you for following the topic
(You) is probably a spelling mistake.
This image is from the receiving device
The spectrum analysis shows clearly
Reverse the transmitter …
Sincerely and Greetings

Looks like you have a pretty high noise environment.

Have you tried using Auto Channel?

necesito apoyo para mejorar rendimiento de un p2p a 3km con c5x