Local Network Management like Aircontrol or UNMS?

Hello everyone, sine a while we use three b24 links. They are working really stable and good.

at this moment we are monitoring per Mikrotik Dude and for historical data with PRTG.

The IPs are local and they have no connection to cloud. There is no way to change it and we will never do. This is a little “problem” for us, because we can´t schedule updates at the nighttime. I don´t want to do that at 3 o´clock at night.

I have read, that it is possible to to manage things like that with rest api, but have no idea how this should work. We are no programmers sorry, can anybody tell me the best way to get this done? Or is there a future plan te get an local variant from the cloud management?

Greetings from Germany

While you can do some monitoring and management, it doesn’t look like you can do updates at scheduled times through the REST API. http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-ug-rest-api-overview

Too be fair, you can’t schedule updates through the mimosa cloud either. The only advantage for updating you get is bulk updates.

AFAIK, there is no “official” way to schedule updates. (I have considered writing up a .net application that will fake being a web browser and do the job for me, but I just have not had the time)

Greetings from Colorado.


The only real thing I can add to this is this:

Airspan has a local management platform called Netspan. I believe soon folks will be able to use Netspan as their “local Mimosa cloud” if they choose. I have no additional details on this.


I would love to see local management Mimosa Cloud.
Online version is extremely slow.