Locked ourselves out of B5-Lite

Hi all,

We made a mistake in the network configuration when remotely updating a B5-lite link. We set the gateway to be the network address (typo) and now of course we can’t access the devices.

We did:

Address: x.x.1.18
Gateway x.x.1.0 - oops!

We can see the MAC address from our router but we can’t reach it over IP. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading

It should still be accessible from an IP within that subnet. All you should have to do is bind a valid x.x.1.x IP to your PC and put it on the management VLAN (if not using one, then the same layer 2 segment) of the remote unit.

Thanks for the reply. We’ve tried this and a few other things. I was hoping that there might have been some recovery address which is active at boot time, say. The radio is connected to a Mikrotik router which can see the MAC address and can ping it using arp ping but that’s all

Just make L2 tunnel to your office through mikrotik and voila!

ssh to the Mikrotik router using the option of -D 8080, then configure your browser to use a SOCKS proxy with the address of and port 8080. You should then be able to connect through L2 to the device.

I do what Nikolay has suggested with a PPTP Tunnel. This brings your PC onto its local network.