Long Range C5X +N5-X25 PTP distance

HI, what is the maximum range this will support @ at least 300/300 speed.

Was hoping to use them for a 12k and 15k link.


I would recommend using the Mimosa Design Tool to model your link. It will help you figure out what your equipment will be capable of depending on numerous factors. (Installation height of the radios, power requirements as well as check to see if you will actually have Line of Sight.)

Another factor you need to account for is how much noise is in the area, if you are in a dense urban environment with lots of other wireless links that will be nearly impossible. On the other hand if you are in a very rural environment with very little noise the C5x would probably work alright depending on some of the other factors I mentioned above.

Hi! This link in very high interference working fine.

Hi Attila,

This for the details. The physical connection is about 170Mbps in your settings.

I see that you are connected at 20hz width, can this go wider at 40 or 80?

Does it work better at those rates?


Hi Atilla,

are you able to tell me what the maximum upload and download speeds that you can get through the link.


I think your bandwidth desires might not be met. Those links are reasonably far and as @Attila posted, his link is that range but 1/2 the bandwidth you’re looking for.

Your later note about 40 or 80 mhz bandwidths I think will yield you much worse possibilities.
You will definitely need dish added. I didn’t see if you were planning that on either end of your link.

As @William5 indicated, you should make use of the design manager. It will not answer everything, but it will give you a reasonable basis to know if your planned link will work. You can play with bandwidth there as well.

You will find that your reach improves as you lower the bandwidth. This is why the example posted is likely using 20mhz.

Finally, you may be further limited by the RF rules where you plan to use this. The designer will take this into account as I recall.

I feel your link will work, but without further details, to me, it’s unclear that you would be able to get 300/300 using C5x.

I would be interested to hear your final results.

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Hi bryan3, I was planning to use the N5-X25 .

Is there something else that you were suggesting ?

Not specifically. This is what we use at anything that is beyond 1km. We’ve found that with the lower gain versions vs the gain on this model didn’t warrant using anything but this one. This really goes towards having as consistent a standard rollout as possible.
What are you plans for the AP side of your link for its antenna? What are you using at that side of the link for a radio? This will be the side of your equation to consider as well. Depending on your radio there, you have a variety of options there to help as well. N5-x25 is the most gain option for the client side.

Hi Bryan3,

I was planning on using 2 sets of these for a PTP link.

I guess that would work ?


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