Looking for how to for Auto-provisioning

I’ve been looking all over for how “auto-provisioning” works and with every reference I see so far, its a Mimosa custom setup using Mimosa software, It doesn’t appear to use DHCP bootp standards to pull from TFTP servers for firmware, configs, or other methods that have been pretty much standard since the 90s.

Still trying to find definitive documentation on the “setup” and process as I currently cannot scale my installation provisioners with the way things are. I’ll keep searching but the documentation isn’t obvious and searching the forums, no one has come up with a definitive example yet of how they are doing things. Searching with Google, there are no real references to provisioning A5/C5s using standard tools anywhere. Using option 82 on DHCP is a partial solution. 802.1x is another part, but there isn’t a full end to end solution that I can see. And dependency on a third party cloud service for software upgrades through a GUI rather than an API means its all manual.

Still working it out…


The Auto Provisioning feature on the A5/C5 uses Radius VSA, vendor specific attributes, for provisioning C5s. It does not use either DHCP bootp or a TFTP server. The following are relevant documents from our help site:


Please let us know if you need any additional information or have any specific questions.