Lost SNMP and web access but keeps passing traffic

We have a short B5lite link that two days ago stopped responding to SNMP requests and we can not log into the web interface of either radio. We can ping both ends and it is passing traffic just fine. I am hesitant to power cycle either end. They both stopped responding to SNMP / web at exactly the same moment and never have come back up (this is not the firewall issue described here before).

These are both running 1.4.5 firmware and had been in place and very happy for months.

Anyone else ever seen this? Know a solution? The only change we made to these radios was changing the management IP and subnet the day before they went dark.

Hi all,

Same situation here with at least 4 of our B5 Lite units. They Keep on passing traffic but we are unable to reach them through webgui or via SNMP. I am reluctant to power cycle them . Is there anything else we can do to diagnose the issue?

Thanks in advance

If it’s any consolation, ours just started working again about a week later. We did absolutely nothing. One morning I woke up and noticed they were answering SNMP again.

I’ve been searching in this forum and came to the conclusion that this is related to the polling of my NMS and some “firewall” protection. I just found this in another post:

" The radios may be blacklisting the router IP for 1 hour because they detect what appears to be a Denial of Service (DoS), or ping flood attack. It could also be because of a port scan. Reducing the ping frequency from your NMS to the Mimosa management interface (radio IP address) should be the first troubleshooting step.

Security was added with iptables in firmware 1.3.0. It is configured to limit ICMP to 3 pings per second, and block IPs that attempt port scans for 1 hour.

Firmware 1.4.5 shows blacklisted IPs in the Support log, so this should tell us if that is the root cause. Please send your logs to Support."

I guess We Are condemned to wait for a new firmware .


Yeah, I started that thread you linked to. What I am seeing now is unrelated. Before, they would always come back 1 hour later and the web interface was still accessible. This new issue they went “offline” for days straight and I lost web access from multiple IP’s.

I still have one that I can’t access anymore but it’s passing traffic. Been “down” for 2 weeks. Even after a power cycle. I gave up. It’s going to become a 60 Ghz link soon anyway.