Low RSSI Mimosa A5c - C5


What is your opinion about RSSI?

I have got Mimosa A5c with ElboxRF antennas TetraAnt 6 90 17 HV (https://elboxrf.com/en/product/79/tetraant-mimo-hv) and compare to Signal Calculator or Ubiquiti, the RSSIs are pretty low.

There is PrintScreen (Frequency 5600)

I changed antennas for Ubiquiti AM-5G19-120 (Frequency 5600) but signals were similar:

The RSSI’s should be less than 40 each… Distance is 100-300 meters…

What is the elevation difference between the antennas (A5c versus C5)? Each of those antennas have electrical downtilt. Increasing their angle (pointing upward), or increasing their height may help if the main lobe is hitting the ground before reaching the C5s.