Low SNR on just 1 end

I have a customer who is having issues with getting internet at his house. I have a B5-lite and seems to have been working fine.

There was a recent thunderstorm, that has passed, but they signal is still showing 6.3 on the upstream(station), but the other end (AP) it shows an SNR of 30.

This distance between these devices is about half a mile. I have reset the device that shows low SNR, but still only 6ish.


By reset, do you mean reboot?

What was the signal before?

Could be you are getting some local interference now. SNR is the end product of a bunch of math that basically says either the RX power is bad or there is a bunch of noise on the channel.

What is the RX signal at each end?

If you could post your Channel and Power page, that might help.

You can try swapping channels, check your power settings and see if one side is significantly lower powered then the other.

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By Reset, I meant reboot.

The signal before (for the last year) has been really good… like 35ish SNR, I mean they were getting 50+ MB down/up.

AP -
Noise Floor - neg85.5
RX Power Level - (neg)56.5
Channel Width 1X20
SNR - 27.5
PHy Tx Rate 14 Mbps
PHY Rx Rate 170.1

Station -
Noise Floor - (neg)60.5
RX Power Level - (neg)55.4
Channel Width - 1x20
SNR - 6.5
PHY Tx Rate - 173Mbps
PHY Rx Rate - 18

Let me clarify… My customer (without actually heading out there), stated that he lost connectivity at 1 location. When looking at it from the web, it shows that the SNR for this 1 particular device low (6.5)

Actually wondering they they are starting to use the same channel. From what I see, it looks like it is.


I think the B5-Lites are a TDD system and don’t use separate channels for TX/RX. (At least mine don’t

From your post it looks like you have interference on the station end. A noise floor of -60.5 is pretty bad. I would recommend changing channels and see if that fixes your issue.

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That is what I am doing now. Appreciate the prompt responses and help.

No problem.

I just am here in my free time. I ain’t getting paid for this. But I figure it helps keep the Mimosa community alive for when I run into issues.

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Hey William5,

I believe that the issue was a channel interference. When looking at the configs, it puts your device at 5500 channel by default. Since I am pointing both of these devices within 35 degrees of each other, that seemed to cause the interference. I changed one of the devices to 5200 channel, and we no longer have that issue.

Still, the floor noise is around -90, and the RX power Level is -58… but they are getting ~150 down and ~50 up… so I am not going to mess with it anymore.

Once again, appreciate it!