Mac address limit per client


I am going to file this under C5 although it could be implemented on the A5 instead to make managing it a bit more central.

As a service provide it is important to limit the number of mac addresses a customer can have on a port with certain configurations such as when running PPPoE.

Limiting the amount of macs available on a port can help avoid various network issues so I am wondering if anyone else would like to see this feature?

I can run it on my switches as a last resort but that will still take an entire AP down if it has to kick in.

Also prefer not to use mac auth on ports since users like to BYOD.

Thank you.

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What if you did a VLAN to the Customer? You could limit the number of allowed MAC addresses to each individual customer by limiting the number of MACs in each VLAN. At least that is how the feature works in my FiberStore switch.

But then again, if you isolate your customers with VLANs then you avoid most of the problems where hooking up their devices backwards can effect you.

This would definitely be useful. This can be achieved with DHCP Option 82, but putting it into the radio is a great idea too and would be easier to implement.