Make sure to use the included dielectric grease in snowy climates

Today we had a C5 we thought was failing. When the technician got to the site, he found the RJ45 boot/cover was full of snow. I had him load the connector up with the included grease and the issue appears to be gone.

My techs had complained about the quality of the RJ-45 cover on the C5, but they’re used to the screw on type with rubber gaskets. These appear to work as more of a protective cover with the grease intended to keep the connection dry.


I live on a tropical island, and I have been pouring it to our new installation to avoid the corrosion do to salt or rain.

Mimosa really needs to change the design of the C5 gland. It’s cheesy and hard to get seated on the 4 plastic prongs. I’m hoping we don’t have any issues with water in our rainy and snowy climate.

I agree. I’m not sure why they reinvented the wheel, when there was a trusted, inexpensive solution.

All they need to do is make it like the B5 gland…problem solved.