Management Access across wireless

I have setup radios to allow management access from the wireless side of the link in the past, but I’ll be damned if I can find where to configure that. Any direction is appreciated.

Hi Mike,

You can access the 2.4 GHz Management settings under the Preferences section. We offer various modes of operation, manually Enable/Disable 2.4 GHz Management or you can use Automatic Mode which enables 2.4 GHz Management for a user selected period time after device reboot. The configuration help file is here.


Sorry for being unclear. I meant accessing it through the point to point link. I deployed a link yesterday that I can only access via Ethernet or local Wi-Fi. I have no access across the link.

Hi Mike,

There is no discrete setting on Mimosa radios to enable/disable in-band management on a 5 GHz PTP link. There is an option to apply a VLAN tag for management. Another possibility is that the gateway is different/incorrect, or that there is no NAT from outside to that subnet.

Odd because the network config on the B5cs is the same as the Rockets that they replaced (didn’t touch router config) and they won’t go from radio - local router - across that same radio link.