Management API?

Is there a device management API available so that we don’t have to rely on the cloud management? I woke up this morning and saw 12/40 links down and nearly had a heart attack. Turns out they just weren’t reporting in the cloud management panel. Some of them came back throughout the day but I’m still seeing this:

Hi Christopher,

The alerts and red status on the cloud represent a cloud-connectivity issue, not necessarily a device outage. This can happen if some path between your network and cloud breaks. I’ll check with our cloud team to see if they saw any events that may have cause this. The devices should all reconnect over time. If they don’t, please contact Mimosa Support.

SNMP can be used to monitor devices within your network in conjunction with the Mimosa cloud if desired as a second type of check.

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Yup, I’m aware. This happens on a pretty regular basis though so I wanted to see if there was some kind of internal monitoring system we could setup for them. Is there instructions on the SNMP setup? Which RFC/MIB does it use?

Sure, SNMP MIB and OIDs are on

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We have this same cloud disconnect issue as well and all are not feeding the cloud using the same services — different ISP’s involved. We’ve had this problem since the very beginning. As Christopher eluded to, it can great an unnecessary panic that something is wrong. For this reason we no longer use notifications for cloud because it is mostly false alarms.

Yes…it doesn’t mean the link(s) are necessarily down, but it does negate the full value of the cloud functionality for us and perhaps others.

Are there any plans to make the cloud side more stable in this aspect?

Hi Bryan, yes understood and there is work in progress to improve that.

So, I have to assume then that the answer here is NO - there is NOT an API that you can pull data from?

If I am wrong - please let me know, as I am building a monitoring platform on my end, and would like to grab some basic stuff / build in some functionality for my staff, like being able to reboot a radio / etc…

At least grabbing MAC address’s, serial numbers maybe and other cool stuff like that - I guess can be done without an API…

API for Mimosa management? I can just make SSH tunnels to our equipment, and make direct calls I suppose…

First off, this conversation is long dead, please make a new topic for your question.
Short answer to your question, there is no SSH access available for Mimosa Hardware. The only management available is either through the Web UI or what is available through the Mimosa Cloud.

Yea this page comes up 1st in a search for API mimosa management.

And yes while SSH access to the radios is not possible - an SSH tunnel into the network they are on is something that could be set up, to then directly query SNMP from the radios - perhaps you misunderstood the concept there.

Moving this to the next step to answer the question of API access one may be able to use SNMP write access to issue re-boot commands, and other useful things.

But that is not for this thread, as you pointed out - it is so old.