Management interface connection issues

I have a pair of B5c’s. I have setup one on my cisco 3750G in a large routed network. The 3750 is connected via a trunk to the rest of the network and routed from there.
I have not been able to connect with either B5c’s via the WiFi management interface at all. The only way I could talk to it it is to connect both my PC and the B5c on two ports of the switch set in the same VLAN, right out of the box.
I was able to connect to the wireless recovery network and factory reset the B5c.

Once I connected, I upgraded and unlocked them both, set all the parameters I needed, and brought them out to be installed. I discovered that even though I set a default gateway, the B5c would not talk to anything outside it’s network.
I have a VLAN for all our wireless devices for management (VLAN 240). I set the trunk native port to this VLAN.
If I set my PC on this VLAN I could ping and connect to the management interface.
I tried setting the Management VLAN on the B5c to 240. This resulted in me not being able to connect or ping the B5c again. My config on the switch is this: interface GigabitEthernet1/0/47
description B5c WW Wireless link to FS8
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 240
switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate

Also any ideas on why I can’t communicate on the wireless out of band management interface? I would set my wireless interface to and the B5c to and I will not talk.

We have been having similar management issues on our one and only Mimosa B5 link. I am being patient with it since the RF portion seams to perform outstanding. Our switch network utilizes a combination of Cisco and Brocade with a trunked Cisco 3550 being the connection point with the radio. We had no issues in our pretests in our office and it wasn’t until it was installed that things started going wrong. We initially deployed them utilizing the management vlan tag. The link functioned fine for a day or two and then it stopped passing traffic. Not only did we lose access to the radios, it was not passing any traffic. When I got onsite I could access the radio via the wifi connection through my phone. The RF link was up and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. After multiple power cycles of the tower radio, the radios would become accessible. This issue occurred several times. It would stay up for several days and then just drop.
The only fix we have found is to disable the management vlan on the radios and use native vlan on the 3550 to communicate with the radios. The radios do pass a different customer vlan that is tagged by a Cisco 2950. Our conclusion is that the radios are not a true bridge and layer 2 traffic is being affected by radios layer 3 routing. If Mimosa can get the radio networking to rock like the RF we could get really excited about the product.
We have purchased a pair of B5c in order to have a test bed with hopes that these issues can be fixed with future firmware releases.

I let it sit for a few days, and the management interface came up somehow. Then I noticed that there was a new software version out there (Mimosa-B5-1.4.5.img.signed—I had 1.4.4), so figured it might help. After the upgrade, I lost it again. still never got to manage it from the wireless to work. I need to get over there and factory reset it again.

This is our switch port config:

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 10
switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,50
switchport mode trunk
spanning-tree bpdufilter enable

We do not use the management tag on the radio and it has been stable. The customer traffic is on vlan 50 and the radio management is 10.

I’m a little confused my you can’t get the wireless management to work. On the 2.4 GHz Console tab, make sure the network mode is enabled. I have connected to it with my PC as well as my phone by selecting SSID of the radio. You will need to input the encryption key and they you will be on the web gui just like you would had you logged into the radio via its Lan IP.

Any one how ask how to solve this issue with B5 or B5c you need to remove from any manage switch or switch have a negation port and connect with Hub Switch or Mikrotik Router i connect with mikrotik router and confige the port the port as no auto negation and flow control on for tx and rx and make a bridge between Cisco Switch port and the B5c and STP disable in Mikrotik Bridge. the issue is gone and its work with no issue now. this is the only way some customer say to replace the AC adaptor to Ubiqiti 48V 24W i didnt test it but i think its work too.

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@Ahmed12, I believe your issue is related to a known issue with Cisco switches and Dynamic Trunking.
From: Backhaul Firmware Release Notes (The latest firmware doesn’t mention the issue, but it also doesn’t mention a fix, so I would assume that the issue is still present)

Known Issues

• If both the backhaul radios are attached to Cisco 3550 or 3750 switches and the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the switches is turned on, connectivity to the device’s management IP may fail. The workaround is to turn off the Dynamic Trunking Protocol on the trunk port.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please post a new Topic and I would be happy to help you diagnose the issue more fully.