Maximum RF chain length between B5c Radio and Rocket 30dbi dish

What is the ideal length of RF chain cable to be attached between B5c and Rocket dish(or any dish).

I have tried 1.5m it gave me decent signal strength not the optimal result.

I tried with 3m RF cable length, NO Link at all. site survey does not even detect the AP SSID. link distance 10Km with Rocket dish 30dbi.

First, please, don’t use Rocket Dish.

Filiphe, which one then…?

We use the RD-34 dishes (With RF armor on them), and they work fine ! Just remember to cross the V and H connections on one end, if you are using the slant 45 feedhorns ! (Which I would recommend !)

We use @ 1 meter jumper on these !

You mean that this is a No No ? LOL !


I did not want to offend. Sorry.

Rocket Dish has a very large opening angle and has bad building material.

I do not like and do not use. Personal opinion. Here i use comscope antenas.

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I have several B5C’s + Rocket dish links with RF Cables from 36" to 120" in length no problem. I think it’s probably not a great idea to go 120" but I had no other option, and it’s probably a bad idea to have the two RF Cables of different lengths and quality. The links are from 7km to 37km no problem.

Check the ‘ring’ on the RF ports on the neck of the Rocket dish. It has a notch in it. Use a small screwdriver to give that ring another 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. I’ve found in the past that those rings can be very loose and will stop the barrel connector from actually making contact with the port. Also make sure your barrel connectors are Straight and not stressed from the RF Cable.

Polarity miss match is not an issue now on 1.4.1 when using Dual slant.

You did test this on the bench to be sure that they could link before deploying them right ?

Just to through in another twist… i tried with L-com 30dbi dish as well (50cm chains)… still not getting any link… i am operating in Saudiarabia… unfortunately we dont have luxury of a wide choice of dishes.

Anyone else tried L-com 30db dish with B5c. HG4958DP-30D

yes according comment ubnt not is expertise in antennas comscope antenas have old years experience or other brands

can you please specify what model of commscope antenna you tried with B5c… i realy need to sort something out

which model of commscope antenna… can you specify