Maximum value of bandwidth

Good day, could give me an approximate value of how much could be the maximum bandwidth in the link according to the values that I attached in the image …
The link is in a b5 lite… 2.3km

Your screenshot shows a MAC rate of 312Mbpsx234Mbps. PHY rates are the physical rate between radios, whereas MAC rate is the usable bandwidth. MAC rates will always be lower than the physical rate due to protocol overhead.



I have a link over 2.1km with these AP’s and in testing I have seen 450mb/s file transfer. The links have been robust in all conditions. In saying that I only run them at 20mhz as I run a VDSL connection over the link and require only 70Mb/s max as that is all the VDSL can achieve.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for commenting your experience, in the question that I was referring to a bandwidth test in TCP. And the latency, in how many digits is your link?

You need to also consider the EVM and PER to be certain but IMHO this link should be able to sustain 290/200

Thanks for commenting … Greetings!

The factors that effect the TCP through-put are MAC rate, which is displayed on the Signal Meter; the TCP window size, and the round trip latency on the link. Based on these parameters, one can calculate the TCP through-put based on the following formula in the following article on our help site:

Another good data point for through-put across a link is the bandwidth test, which can be found on the Diagnostic -> Test page on the device web interface. It tests the UDP through-put across the link.