MCS and SNR and Throughput


Is there a table where i can know what are the theoretical maximum power/MCS/SNR and throughput will perform on a -90 noise ambient.

PLease let me know where i can get it. I use on most of the cases, A5c, A5x, C5x and C5c.


So, there isn’t documentation for specific noise environments, but the answer to your question is based mostly on SNR. Here is a link to Mimosa’s Documentation, there are a few other topics that might be of interest to you as well, I will link some, but I recommend familiarizing yourself with the documentation so you avoid as many pitfalls as possible when dealing with wireless equipment.

So if you have a CPE at -80 dB and the noise is at -90 dB you will have about 10 dB of SNR which puts you in the QPSK realm (at best). If you are able to get clients with 27 dB of SNR and you are running 40 or 80 MHz wide channels you can achieve PHY rates of ~433 Mbps per stream. Keep in mind that wider channels do not reach as far as smaller channel sizes so to achieve higher SRN values at further distances you will need better antennas and such.

My recommendation would be to build your network expecting noise to only go up, you really want as close to 30 dB SNR as you can get, largely because it will minimize your PER (Packet Error Rate) and allow your radios to push data as smoothly as possible.