MDU Coax Question

Hello, I hate to be a bother once more but I have figured a little bit more out about some projects. I want to provide Internet for 350 units in a mobile home park, and it is too close for the amount of wireless interference that there is from the sounds of everything. There is however coax cables owned by the park that I am allowed to use to transport my signal to each house. My question is how would I go about pushing my connection from the B11 to the coax, and in turn the client? Is there a special switch? Thank you in advance for the support! Thanks again, Casey

The B11 would be your backhaul and you would be looking to setup some sort of DOCSIS system, (3.0 or higher) which will then do the layer 2 transport for your Ethernet traffic.

Which system you should go with I can’t say. We have never ran cable modems in our network and there’s a whole world of diagnostics related to that.

My best recommendation would be to check out this tutorial which from my brief perusal looks to be pretty darn good.

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@William5 Thank you! I’ll take a look.

Since the coax is already there, is it intended for cable TV? Does it belong to the cable TV provider? If not, then DOCSIS is probably the best bet. There is another option, especially if the cable company is using the cable, and that’s MOCA. It’s not as robust as DOCSIS though and would require a filter (available on Amazon, cheap) to keep from back feeding the MOCA signal to the cable company.

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@Wayne2 It is not cable owned. It is owned by the park. How far is the MOCA standard good to travel? I think there’s around 3 miles of total cable but some of that my be split into different roads.

Also, could I keep people who aren’t paying off of the network that way? Not necessary but I’m just wondering.

I’ve only used MOCA in a single private residence, so I can’t tell you much about this. I just wanted to let you know that it exists. DOCSIS, as William mentioned, is probably a more scalable solution. I only mentioned the other in case you didn’t have full control of the cable.

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