Mesh Topology in A5 AP

I am just been curious, I have not seen anything on your datasheet to indicate whether your APs are capacity operating in a mesh topology. This is particularly useful as a back-up to the main backhaul which ultimately improves service availability. If there is no mesh functionality on the AP, what is the reason behind that?

You could just locate a CPE at the remote site that is connected and setup routing so that it can be used as a failover link… I personally don’t expect that I would ever want my AP’s to spend time talking to each other.

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I agree with Johaven1.

There are very few applications where I’d recommend a mesh deployment.

I didn’t realize any of the Mimosa products did any routing, that they are just bridges, not so?

I run OLSR for easy routing.

Thank you for all your responses, my take from this is that, it is best to avoid mesh for good fixed wireless network


We don’t do any sort of meshing on our A5. It’s designed as a PtMP access radio to connect client radios such as the C5 (or other Wi-Fi compatible client radios). As others have said, meshing, while making deployments easy, tends to have serious performance impacts on throughput. This means you need to bring internet/broadband directly to each A5 via fiber or some sort of wireless/millimeter wave radio.

We support up to 2,000 MAC address on the A5 and are smart enough to know which MAC is behind each C5 so you can use the A5/C5 as a transparent bridge with multiple endpoints (C5). Our new software coming out shortly will allow transparently forwarding of 802.1Q VLAN tags as well.