Midspan POE - C5/C5C/C5X

Has anyone found any midspan POE injectors that work with the c5/c5c/c5x’s? I have a run I am working on for about a 500’ length and before I purchased one at random I wanted to see if anyone had any success with anything?

@Jeff12 I know that these Ubiquiti models can work since they meet some characteristics. They comply with standard 1, 2, 4, 5 (+) | 3, 6, 7, 8 (-).

Most PoE injectors I have come across seem to work fine, but I would get one that supports af/at to be safe. Ubiquiti injectors seem to work fine, I have tested the ones that come with the PowerBeam, Nanobeam, NanoStation and Rocket Prism lines.

That said, will there just be the one cable that is 500’ long? Or will the PoE injector be midway in the cable? 500’ is way longer then the Ethernet standard supports and PoE might be flaky at that distance as well. If you really do need 500’ then I would try out Mikrotik’s GPER deal (https://mikrotik.com/product/gper) (https://www.doubleradius.com/Manufacturers/Mikrotik-Accessories/mikrotik-gper.html) I have never used one, but the specification sheet says it “should” work…

I use Netonix switches for something like this… Rock solid

WS-6-MINI and power it with an AF24 power supply OR the newer Mimosa silver power supplies work with it also.

Put the WS-6-MINI in a Tyconpower ENC-SW-8x5 enclosure. They are cheap.

Note: I believe what you are describing --I have gone 500 feet on a single run and got errors and link flapping issues at 1 gig.

However 100 mbit is okay but I’m not happy with 100 mbit when you can have moar :stuck_out_tongue:

@400 feet things seem to be happy at gig…

To wire up the above example:

[Powersupply] (AF24 or Silver Mimosa power brick) ------ WS-6-MINI ---- C5\C5X or anything Mimosa.

I will do these midspans at towers where I am hamstrung by CAT-5 cables going up the tower or just too far from the PED\shack to the tower.

Additional note it is possible to extend and power over another WS-6-MINI off of the first WS-6-MINI as long as you do not go over the Wattage limit of the power brick of everything running. Total length of span of my longest link is 675 feet doing the above and works just fine.


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I’d recommend a MikroTik GPeR with the outdoor enclosure:

But before I used one I’d see if it’s stable without anything midspan. I have a PoE drop using 5e that’s close to 500 ft that works flawlessly.

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Thanks all, went with the GPeR and working great!

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