Mikrotik connected to Mimosa C5c, A5

Could someone helps me?
How could I configure my Mikrotik SXT lite to connect to Mimosa C5c or A5?

The Mikrotik SXT won’t be able to connect to the C5c, but you could connect the C5c to the SXT if the SXT is the AP. You can also setup the A5 in “interop” mode (Link >> Wireless Protocol >> WiFi Interop) which will allow you to connect the SXT.

Here is a general guide to that procedure in the Mimosa Help pages: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/third-party-client-configuration

Thank U William5 :+1:,
now I’m understanding where is my problem.

hello, i just want to know if you make mikrotik sxt connect to a5… and how?

This topic is old and solved.

If you are wanting to connect a Mikrotik SXT to an A5 or A5c follow this link for the general directions:

Basically you are wanting to set the A5/A5c in WiFi Interop mode and connect the SXT to a normal WiFi Access Point, but you will want to set the distance and the RTS/CTS to Zero.

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