Mikrotik RoMON with SRS mode

Hello Mimosa,

We have noticed that in SRS mode, A5’s cannot see RoMon Mikrotik devices.

Are there any plans to support LLDP or any other discovery protocols with SRS mode?
Here is the description of how RoMON works from the MT wiki:

RoMON works by establishing independent MAC layer peer discovery and data forwarding network. RoMON packets are encapsulated with EtherType 0x88bf and dst-MAC 01:80:c2:00:88:bf and its network operates independently from L2 or L3 forwarding configuration.

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Howdy Keefe and Ethoplex folks,

I don’t think there are any immediate plans for this. You could shoot Jaime a message and I bet he would have a definite answer for you.

did you ever get an answer on this ?

No we have not received a response on this yet.