MIMO_EVENT: AEThroughput - 500

HI Support,

my wireless link troughput drop and i see the log is

PHP_DBG: logger MIMO_EVENT: AEThroughput - 500

i’m using mimosa c5c with kp performance antena, can help me solve teh problem

Well that’s an interesting error.

There are not regular Mimosa employees who check the forums. Mostly it’s just regular users like me helping around here. If you would like I would be more then happy to give you some guesses, but the REAL Mimosa support people can be found at support.mimosa.co

That said, I have never seen or heard of this issue, so if you do go directly to Mimosa support I would greatly appreciate it if you could jump back here and report on the solution.

First off, could you describe your link in a little bit more detail? Maybe post screenshots of your Dashboard and Channel and Power pages so we can get a general sense of your setup?