MIMO RX OFF problem upload

I am installing a pair of B5C with 9km of distance, however I can receive from point B 700Mbps, sending 120Mbps with interruptions. I noticed that on the dashboard RX H = -, should that be why it does not stabilize the sending? Is it a physical problem? I’m working with 2x80. I have another link and everything is normal.

if you could post the spectrum graph the B5cs are seeing that might be of help. Though I would guestimate that the issue could be either a bad cable or antenna. You can try moving cables around on your B5cs and see what happens. That way you can start isolating where the issue is.

William5 is right.

A little more information would be helpful.

We have had a bad cable on a B5c link in the past that cause us to see this.