Mimosa 6Ghz performance

Hi. I operate a licensed WISP using the 5.9 - 6.2 Ghz frequency exclusively using Mikrotik and RF elements products. I was talking with someone and he pointed me in this direction so I am thinking of trying out MIMOSA expecially for the 6 Ghz channels. Has anyone tried running MIMOSA on these frequencies and how was the performance? I would not like to flush money down the drain so kindly enlighten me with your experiences.

Your biggest performance difference between differing frequencies will be the antenna and your local regulations for RF power. The biggest issue I would check before hand is to make certain that Mimosa equipment is certified to operate in the 5.9 - 6.2 GHz frequency range for your country. (While Mimosa has equipment that “can” operate from 4.9 - 6.4 GHz not all localities have certified it and Mimosa is pretty strict about the rules it follows.

I would ask Mimosa Support what the permitted frequencies are for their equipment for your country (licensed and unlicensed)

Hi! I’m testing one P2P C5C with Jirous 6GHz 90cm parabolic antennas on a 17km distance without free fresnel.I need to take antennas more high place, but now it already works on 20mhz 144Mb at -78/-82 signal :slight_smile:
I will write when the link done.


Have you gotten any response from Mimosa on this? I’d like to utilize this as well. I have multiple licensed stuff now in 6, 11, 18, and 23 and I have a great need for a short link to a current location that could use a beefy backhaul. I can’t seem to get anyone from Mimosa to contact me or provide a means of getting to someone that actually can help answer my questions. I’m thinking of abandoning Mimosa altogether. It’s not their equipment that’s the problem it’s their inability to communicate in a direct manner. It’s frustrating as hell. What say you?

@DustinS is the man when it comes to these kinds of questions.