mimosa a5 14dbi

HELLO ALL. I am Astrit and live in Albania. I am a new user of a MIMOSA A5 since 2 days. I made the configuration and instalation process of antenna. But only thing that i’m worried is the TX POWER. I can’t reach it more than 16 dBm. Is this consequence of the country that i live? And what can i do because with that signal is immposible to reach clients more than 1km. help me plz… THANKS

Hi. The power is surely limited by the country. You should try it in your licensed country.
The other problem that you have is that the A5-14 is not designed for customers farther than 1 km. Being its highest performance less than 500 meters.
You should use A5c connectorized with higher gain antenna.


hello… I want to know how is the maximum TX POWER (dbm) of this anntena? And can give it a normal performance with another brand of antena (mikrotic or ubiquit) ?

Are you running an A5-14 (What is normally referred to as an A5 and is an “all in one” solution, no external antennas) or an A5c? (Has 4 N Type Connectors on the bottom and can be connected to various antennas)

The Max TX power of both the A5 and A5c are limited by Country EIRP rules. (So Antenna Gain + TX Power <= Country EIRP) Not following them makes a lot of things not work correctly.

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I have A5 - 14 and my client is UBIQUIT M5 and MIKROTIK SXT G-5HPACD . Exist another way to take 100% of TX power of my antena?

Not legally and/or not easily.

Mimosa confirms their country unlock with the GPS in the A5 (At least I suspect they do, I got a weird error a while ago when I was setting up an A5c which gave me the thought)

I am also not one to publicly condone breaking EIRP rules. So sorry. Mimosa is following your countries rules. Just the same for every country that someone unlocks a radio for.

I know you can get reflectors for Ubiquiti NanoStation M5s which can help you out in poor signal conditions. But that would probably only give you 1000 Meters extra, if that…

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