Mimosa A5c and C5x few Clients, High bandwidth

I am looking at setting up a new site for backhual to my network. I had the idea of using a high capacity AP and several CPEs to give my flexibility for connecting my pops. What type of aggregate throughput could I expect from an A5c on a clean 80mhz channel with 2-5 C5x/C5c, assuming mcs9? The site will have a 500mbps fiber line.

There have been a few people who have posted ~200 Mbps of bandwidth through their A5c on 80 MHz of spectrum.

Here is an example:

I have seen +100 Mbps on 40 in testing so I would believe it. But you will be very limited in how far away you can reach with 40 MHz of spectrum.

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I’ve put up quite a few A5cs and when you have a clean 80MHz of spectrum, and you have MCS9, you should see 600+ Mbps aggregate.

One example of a deloyment I did up in Montana was 350 down and 325 up for a C5c a couple miles from the tower. MCS9 both directions. So say you were to connect 5 C5c/C5x radios, you should expect at least 400 aggregate (being very conservative here.)

Another example is that I have 30 clients on an AP on an 80MHz channel and they consistently get around 100/100.