Mimosa A5c and C5x PTMP

Hi every one …
I have deployed the following : 1 A5c PTMP access point and another 4 C5X as clients
I want to link each C5x with the others in order to make a mesh topology , I tried many solutions but its seems there is no hope , do any one have an idea how could connect all of these together in one mesh and let A5c broadcast different IPs come from different clients
thank you all

Well, there is not any way to connect the C5x to two different APs or do a mesh like that with the hardware in it’s current configuration. Honestly, if you really wanted to have redundant paths to your customers it would be better to setup another AP and secondary CPE connections or if you wanted to be a little bit more mesh like, you could setup PTP connections between your clients and use routers (I would recommend Mikrotik) to make things happen.

What you are wanting to do requires a boatload of processing and some form of intelligence for figuring out routes back and such. Normally someone would run a dynamic routing protocol of one form or another. The PTMP line from Mimosa is pretty much just a transparent Layer 2 bridge.

Another aspect of difficulty ahead of you is antenna alignment and signal levels. For high speed bandwidth to be transferred (More then a couple Mbps) you need strong signals which a single antenna is not going to achieve if you are trying to have it talk to different Nodes in a Mesh style network. There just is no way to get around physics and honestly trying to do so will only create heartache.