Mimosa A5C + mimosa 5c

hello i just installed a5c new using 4 pigtail and 2 panel sector,
the two sector panels are aligned at the same side and inclination.

but the c5 client only show 2 signal H and V.
i think the C5 cpe was capable to see 4
(2 h and 2 v)
can you say me how?

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From the specs: MIMO & Modulation 2x2:2 MIMO OFDM up to 256 QAM. I dont see any 4x4 here.

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i see two or more month ago, that

in the forum,
and I think is 4x4


then the A5c have 4 chains, for use with??
with 2x2??
the kp antenna have 4 chains, or not? and only see to one side…
can somebody explain me something?

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Hi Jose,

A5 and A5c are 4x4. C5 is 2x2. The extra 2 chains are used for beamforming to achieve higher gain at the client. Here is a link to a similar discussion with more details:

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