Mimosa A5c - missing 6200-6400


I have 5 Mimosa A5c products. In the official documentation, I can read that they work in the frequencies 4900-6400. After logging in, I can only use 4900-6200. I’m useing the latest software (2.5.3) and the country is “Poland Licensed”. Where should I look for the problem?

I don’t know Poland’s rules, but do they allow operators to use 6200-6400 with a license?

Mimosa is going to follow whatever is the local regulations for where the radio is being operated, so if Poland doesn’t allow for 6200-6400 operation then the radio will have it blocked off. (The radio may support it, but it wouldn’t be legal for the radio to use those frequencies in whatever country.) Here in the States we can’t go above 5850 (or somewhere in that range)

Yes. Polish rules allow the operators to use 6200-6400. For several years I have bought licenses for 5900-6400.


If they are extremely old units, they only go to 6.2GHz.

What do you mean extremely old units? This units was bought 2017-2020 at your official ditributors - CDR (www.cdr.pl) and BATNA24 (www.batna24.com). I contacted with them 15.01.2021 (yesterday) and they dont know anything about unit’s which goes above 6200. Is there any option to replace these units?

@DustinS are you here?

I contacted (29.01.2021) your official reseller (www.cyberbajt.pl). They confirmed that they have the latest products Mimosa A5c but also all work 4900 - 6200


You stated that you’ve purchased licenses for 5900-6400. This would imply that, by default, these frequencies are not permitted unless you have a license. Therefore, by default, these radios will not operate in those frequencies in your country. You need to contact Mimosa support and give them your license information so that they can unlock your radios for your licensed frequencies.