Mimosa A5c + N5-360 Interop Mode (mikrotik) disconnects

I had and old node working on a Mikrotik Omnitik N AP, with about 30 CPS (all sxt-lite5), running fine for years delivering low-speed plans (3 to 6 mb).
We decided to improve that node substituting the old Omnitik with a A5c + N5-360.
All sxt are in range of 50-58 RSSI, RTS-CTS configured with threshold=0.
We have set all distances in the Mimosa to 1, since they are all very close to the AP.
The thing is, everyday we have an steady connection for 17 hours (from 23 to 16:00) then all clientes keep disconnecting every 4 to 20 minutes.
We have tried without success changing the frequency obviusly. We have tried like all of them, low band and high band.
All clients have good PER and SNR.
Some pictures attached for more detailed info:



We would really like some help, because next step is going back to mikrotik and we dont really want that.
Thanks in advance.

Any logs about why there is a disconnect?

Which firmware are you running on the various devices?

Are you able to log into the AP and see what’s happening at the time you see the disconnects?

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately we are proceeding to replace the Mimosa Omni with Mikrotik Sectors.