Mimosa A5c Specifications - Verification of sources

Hello Mimosa Team,
Our team has been looking over the specifications for the various products including comparing what is on the website and what is within the PDFs, the team has found the following.

These are the specs of Mimosa A5c on website https://mimosa.co/products/specs/a5c
And here is the PDF from the website https://mimosa.co/uploads/datasheets/Mimosa-by-Airspan-A5c-Datasheet_DS-0003-06.pdf
There is not much of a change but i found some point are missing or different in both
in above product please check features section on page 2 of PDF
“Multi-User MIMO** Device leverages beamforming to transmit to multiple clients simultaneously”
This point is mentioned on website but not in the PDF
is it okay if we follow website. I guess website is updated than PDF

So our question is which is the most update specifications that our team should be following please, the Web page or PDF ?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

My understanding is that not all of the MU-MIMO features have been turned on in the software. It was slated for release “soon” in 2018, but I think the AirSpan deal set everything behind. But this is from my hazy recollection of previous forum posts as well as a few conversations with other people.

I believe the data sheets are probably more up-to-date than the website. I’ll have our team check over and see which is correct, but it sounds like it’s the PDF.

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