Mimosa Acquired by Airspan

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know here that Mimosa has been acquired by Airspan! Now that the news is out, I wanted to discuss this briefly. I know the first question is “What does this mean for us?”

The answer is this: Now Mimosa will have more resources to help bring more products and better products to market at a much quicker pace.

The second question will probably be: “What does this mean for you?”

The answer is: Work as usual. We are all still here. You can still bug me, @Jaime, and @David about your issues, your suggestions, or your successes with your deployments.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to post them and we’ll answer you the best way we can.


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@William5 thanks for helping out on the forums. Please feel free to continue because we’ll be around for a long while!


@Mimosa Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing what you guys make.

@DustinS it has been fun and educational.

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The weirdest thing about this accuasition is we use Airspan Air 4G for our LTE network and Mimosa for our PTMP network.
We had been doing this 4 years prior to the acquisition. Coincidence or meant to be? At the time I had recommended Mimosa to our Airspan relationship manager who wasn’t a fan of Mimosa back then

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