Mimosa Advocates Expansion of 23 GHz Spectrum to the FCC – Enabling 10 Gbps Backhaul!

Given the severe shortage of spectrum available to WISPs to satisfy Internet demand in the U.S., Mimosa has proactively led the way in proposing new solutions to increase spectrum availability. In 2013, we petitioned the FCC for shared allocation of the 10.0-10.5 GHz band to expand available backhaul spectrum. Today we continue this effort by advocating for wider channels in the licensed 23 GHz band, urging the FCC to fully leverage this spectrum by significantly increasing efficiency and capacity.

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Yeah !.. Please keep hammering away… something has to give …



Your work is highly appreciated. The more spectrum we can get, the better job we can do to β€œcut the wire” and expand our service offerings to those who seek better options. Keep up the great work Mimosa team!!!


What can we do as WISPs and CLECs to help the process of opening up the 23Ghz Band?

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wow is very good my friend that is really and only US or other country ??