Mimosa and ubiquiti devices compatibility


After my successful experience with some Mimosa devices, I am currently planning to buy the N5-360 along with the A5c
But my question is, can my clients who own LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 be able to
Connecting without any problems?

And if you have any suggestions please advise me.

Thank you

No can’t connect
Airmax does not turn off on the device
MikroTik can be connected to A5c

Oh, that’s really unfortunate

Thank you for your reply

Ubiquiti equipment from the M Series can connect to Mimosa equipment that is using WiFi Interop mode. There is a page in the documentation about 3rd party devices that explains the steps involved.

Ubiquiti equipment from the AC Series (such as your LiteBeam 5AC Gen2) cannot connect to Mimosa equipment, they do not support standardized 802.11n/ac which is basically what WiFi Interop Mode is (Just with some settings adjusted for longer distance links and to handle some issues with Hidden Nodes)

Thank you very much for the adequate answer

Did you mean this series?

I think you mean this page that explains how to connect the third party station client?


Yes, the Whole M5 line from Ubiquiti, I guess I should be specific and say that the M2 and M365 lines won’t work with Mimosa equipment (they use the 2 GHz and 3.65 GHz spectrum neither of which Mimosa supports other then through the management radio which isn’t designed for significant bandwidth.)

Yes that is the page I was thinking of.