Mimosa b11 2 streams down

i have a mimosa b 11 that is running on 2*80 channel width
i’m supose to get 4 stream but some time i get only 2 streams wich is causing the network to be unstable at all
what it the solution for this problem ?

Probably one of the radios is faulty.
Open a support case.

What’s the RX power on Chains 1&2 when they are up?

Also, are you running either end of that link nearby other Mimosa B11s?

same as those two showing in the picture

yes , the AP is nerby almost 10 mimosa b11 within 20 meter radius
and the STA side i have two links only both of them is mine
first one is very stable second on not so much

Ok, do both sides chains go away or is it just one side?

You might check the seal between the B11’s and their antennas to make certain that there isn’t a problem there, but I think I am going to have to agree with @Pablo and say you should probably check with Mimosa support and see if they can determine which side is faulty and get a replacement.

both sides chains go
the seal is removed I’m certainly because i assembled the antennas my self
and can’t contact the support because it is not connected to the cloud

None of my B11s are cloud connected, but I have gotten support on them. Do you mean that you somehow bypassed the unlock process?

It’s useful for Mimosa support to be able to pull information from the radios for them to be cloud connected, but Mimosa can get most of the useful information from the support file or by doing a remote desktop connection (Which they have had to do a few times to help me out or diagnose Beta firmware)

no i haven’t bypassed the unlock code, they are connected to my account but my isp is using pppoe for internet access and have each device connected to the network has it’s own ip address and have VPN service to access the tower remotely

As long as you can reach the web UIs of your B11s as well as some other ports Mimosa support can work their magic, you’ll have to get through the low level support people and just tell them that the B11’s don’t have access to the internet.