Mimosa b11 experiencie?

Buenas noches.
Soy nuevo en el foro.
Mi nombre es Jorge y quisiera poder leer en este foro experiencias sobre mimosa b11 ya que hemos recibido en España las primeras unidades.
Estaré atento.

I’m new to the forum.
My name is Jorge and I’d like to read this forum b11 mimosa experiences since we received the first units in Spain.
I will be careful.

30 mile link, stays up in heavy rain, 680 Mb/s. Only one problem, Ethernet port flapping so much I can’t use the link, contacted support but have gotten nothing but auto replies, no help at all so far. Cabling meets their specs and other recommendations in their trouble shooting doc. I have three other B11 Links but at shorter distances, same problem, Ethernet port flapping.

30 Miles 680Mb? Upload 680 and download 680, or? 30 Miles it is very far. I am Spanish scarcely there is information on b11 in the network. The commercial one, already said to us that fiber to the antenna and not ethernet cable. Podrias to give itself mas infor please. Antennas jirous of 90 or 120? Early graces.

30 Millas 680Mb? Upload 680 y download 680, o ? 30 Millas es muy lejos. soy español apenas hay informacion sobre b11 en la red. El comercial, ya nos dijo que fibra a la antena y no cable ethernet. Podrias darnos mas infor por favor. Antenas jirous de 90 o 120? Gracias anticipadas.

Jirous 1200mm dishes, another link at 23 miles, another at 16 miles and a fourth at 7 miles. Fiber may be a solution to the flapping, I already had cabling in place, but maybe I should replace with Fiber. Anyone have issues with Fiber on either B11 or B5c ?

gracias. thanks.

How long is your cable run, and what type cable are you using? Factory POE on it?

Hey Dave, what type throughput and signals are you getting on the 16 mile link? Also using 1200 dishes there?

Hey Dave1, any more feedback? Details (dish sizes, Signal strengths and performance) would be great for others to get a gauge on what a link should like.

Hello @Dave1, I have successfully resolved the ethernet flapping problem, using Netonix Wisp POE Switch.

Now it’s really stable.

Resolved many months ago by replacing the Mimosa POEs with UBNT POEs. I read the remark by a Mimosa Engineer that there is a hidden ground loop being revealed by doing this. If that is true I have ground loops at 14 different tower sites. Anyway, who cares, this solution worked for me with no adverse side effects. I now have very dependable links.

I have read a number of solutions since original post:

  1. Replace the Mimosa POEs with UBNT POEs.
  2. Use a Netonix Switch.
  3. Put a different switch in between radio and Microtik.
  4. Turn flow control on the radio and the Microtik.
  5. I’m sure there are other solutions.

I’m running every version of firmware on my links and do not believe firmware version makes a difference. I have long and short runs of Cat5e and Cat6, all shielded with EZ-RJ45 shielded connectors, does not make a difference. Most of my routers are Cisco, a few Microtiks, I ran fiber the the Microtiks because of longer runs required.

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Signal strength on the 30 mile link is typically around -49dB. Mac capacity is typically between 360 and higher.

I would like to tell that I have only now understood that flapping ethernet between Mikrotik and Mimosa was resolved by simply turning on the flow control on Mimosa. So Netonix switch is a really good product, but for that problem probably is not necessary.

Dave1, What rain zone or state/country are you in? Does your 56 or 45 Km link ever drop out? What is the real throughput you get through the link during bad rain? Are you using the Jirous 1200 Dishes for both links?

North Carolina, Jirous 1200, a couple of drops over the last year only during the heaviest of rain storms. During most rains we still maintain 75% or more of the available capacity of when it is not raining.

hello yes problem is ethernet control and ethernet chips . Mimosa used same chips B5, B5C, B11
best regards