Mimosa B11 Static Routes

We have a situation where we need to implement static routes on a B11 link. There appears to be no way around it. I did some testing earlier and, as expected, the User Interface did not like a gateway on a different subnet. I did query Mimosa support and their response was, “The B11 acts as a transparent bridge, there is no ability to set static routes in this radio.”

Has anyone had any experience with this before? Any workarounds or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

We had a similar situation with a B5C radio and Mimosa’s response was basically the same that the radio is supposed to “act” as a transparent bridge. This has prevented us from deploying more of their equipment which is too bad since the RF seems to work quite well. Since the radio has the ability to perform layer 3 function, I think that it can’t perform as a true transparent bridge in all network configurations. I wish Mimosa would acknowledge this as an issue.

I bet the CPU on the radios is nowhere near fast enough to handle packet routing. Pretty sure they use a switch chip between the eth and radios. Switches are not routers. You could get a cheap mikrotik and use that to route. Use vlans on different clients and the tik routes between them.

There’s no reason you can’t put a router in front of and behind your link. That’s what we did. I haven’t bothered figuring out how to setup out of band management so I can’t view the management interface without killing the link, but that’s a separate issue. (Might be possible if you use the fiber port for traffic.)

Mikrotik for routing, Mimosa for wireless - each to their own…

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