Mimosa B5 100-00001/ ac1500

What is the difference between mimosa b5 100-00001 with mimosa b5 ac1500 ? Do both antennas have to be same or can I use 1 of each ?

I don’t know of any sub models in the B5 line besides the B5-Lite. Where are you seeing these products?

This is ac1500 link.

This for 100-00001

I bought a b5 from US and that’s what it says on on it. I am wondering if they follow a different naming scheme or something. Can I use any as long as they are both B5 antenna ?

Well, your first link is for a 2 pack, but yes. It seems to be some sort of weird distributor numbering. As far as I know any B5 will connect to another B5 (As long as it’s not a B5-Lite)

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