Mimosa B5 Lite Does Not Turn On

Buy Via Internet a couple of B5 Lite, to try at home to see how it works everything was fine. But when assembling the equipment in my base tower I left it running for several days, when I went to place the other equipment on the customer side I noticed that the network no longer appeared in the air, so when I returned to see what was happening in my tower B5 was off and I did not want to light it in any way. The dismantle of the tower and I tried another po and nothing does not turn on or even turn on the green and orange led on the LAN. And there is no representative who can repair it in the country. Am I interested to know what might have happened? The equipment of my towers does not tend damages nor even the servers presents restart of any changes.

My first question is where did you purchase these from? I see you say “via internet.” If you bought these from Ebay or Amazon, chances are that you bought products previously owned by someone else.