Mimosa B5-Lite Signal

Hello everyone.

This is my first post on the Mimosa Community. We have installed a PtP with B5-Lite, along 1,7Km. This is just awesome, passing about 200Mbps, but the signal on this distance is about -59 / -60db.

It is normal on mimosa products the signal be a little higher that other vendors (but with much more bandwithd capacity)?

Hello how are you, I have a ptp 1,200 KM B5 Lite, signal -63 but floor noise -83, we can not pass 150 MB. What parameters do you have status mimes … thanks

I’m sorry to say that they are not more than 1200 meters from point A to point B

I have 4.2 km. link -61 with B5-lites. I guess something is wrong with your allignment. Pushing well over 500Mbps.

Hi Nikolay, what firmware are you using? is that 80mhz channel I guess? how stable is in terms of latency and any links drop? I am about to ourchase a pair of these for a 2.6km

Rock solid. Do not hasitate