Mimosa B5 Reset

Please help,

I try reset Mimosa B5 this follow url

I connect wireless SSID “mimosaR###” and ping
But i not open url

What web browser are you using?


Sounds like you might have HTTPs enabled. Please try browsing to If this doesn’t work, you should try using Incognito or InPrivate Browsing mode and try again.


I try use browsers firefox, chrome, ie…
and I try http, http, try using Incognito or InPrivate Browsing mode
But not open url

Try going to, I seem to recall on an old firmware for the B11s I had a similar problem. I don’t recall what the eventual solution was, I think I switched computers and turned off my firewall as well. Something weird.

Sorry I am not much more help, but here are some other people who had issues and the ideas that helped them.


Many thanks support,
I sent a warranty but still cannot support this issue.

Hi, how can I return to factory condition for mimosa B5c with lan cable ?

@farshad Follow the directions on the Support page linked above, if you have problems many people have been able to get the reset to work by following directions in the pages I posted.

Some computers seem to act weird, no one has ever spent the time or told me what seems to be the cause, but sometimes getting a different computer seems to make the process go better.